It’s graduation season, as we are all aware from social media, and I’ve had the simultaneous pleasure and sadness at seeing a good majority of my friends graduate from university the past few days. I’ll be a bit late behind them, graduating in the winter as a result of my indecisiveness in a major, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get all dressed up for grad celebrations as well.

Dress is from the Gap. Necklace is old, from Zara. I paired it alongside an old pair of brown leather shoes from Madewell and the Mini 5-Zip from Rebecca Minkoff.

Makeup-wise: Diorskin Nude BB Creme in 002, Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-On Cheek Tint in Quickie (can’t seem to find it anywhere? Got mine from Hautelook), Benefit Hoola bronzer, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlight, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Ethereal Light, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Dark Brunette, Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, Maybelline Line Stiletto felt-tip liquid liner (drugstore), Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Volum’Express The Rocket mascara (drugstore), basic black kohl eyeliner, and Stila Liquid Lipstick in Beso

As we all know by now, I love my bathroom selfies. Unfortunately there are no other good places to take pictures in my apartment so these will have to do until I move into my new place and hopefully invest in a better mirror than the one I currently own. ANYWAY, just wanted to share this quick outfit with you - a definite out-on-the-town look I pulled out for a friend’s fundraising event at a bar the other weekend. I paired it with a trusty ol’ set of Doc Martens to toughen it up and to also look like the spawn of Urban Outfitters. I’ve never considered myself to be much of a fringey-person, but I fell in love with this open cardigan and knew I needed it despite its ridiculously high price. The denim shorts are the BDG Tomgirls, I love them cos they aren’t too baggy as most boyfriend-fit type things are, they are still midrise, and they’re just quite sexy to me for just denim shorts. The bodysuit, of course, was integral to this outfit - I admittedly was trying to impress someone who I knew was coming to the event, so I wanted to bring sexy back that night. I’ve only worn this once before on Halloween when I was a Spring Breaker, so I thought it might be time to bust it out again.

Cardigan and denim shorts are both from UO - similar here, shorts here. Bodysuit from American Apparel. I bought my Doc Martens from their website, they’re just standard black 1460s.

It’s no secret that my favorite place to shop is Madewell. Recently I decided to make the investment in their famous Transport Tote in English Saddle, a gorgeous, good-sized leather tote bag. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, just a wide open space inside with one side zippered pocket, perfect for throwing in pens, headphones, and my university ID. Recently the clothing company did a social media campaign on Instagram with the hashtag #totewell, where you can put in a submission of what’s-in-yer-tote to win a shopping spree. This was my submission.

Clockwise starting at top left: Madewell Transport Tote, 5 subject notebook, Macbook Pro, Everlane Slim Zip Wallet in Black/Natural, Acne Studios Oxide Nappa clutch, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, The Silence of the Lambs DVD, overly stuffed car keys, planner, Kindle, J.Crew water bottle.

To Trench or Not to Trench? Also, to Belt or Not to Belt?

An eternal struggle. I’ve always been confused on how to style this trench coat (purchased from Banana Republic about 2 years ago) because it never really seemed like my thing. Admittedly my personal style does not swing towards trench-coat-classics, I prefer a good leather/denim/army jacket. But there was a period of time a few weeks ago where it rained several days straight, so I decided why not? I’ll break this bitch out. So I dusted it off from the back of my closet and decided to throw it on. It made my fairly basic outfit of black high waisted denim and a gray tee have a little more oomph, but I just couldn’t figure out - do I belt it, or no?

The belting always looks so awkward to me, so in the end I decided to let it flow free and I tucked the belt into the pockets. I’m still not sure about my true feelings towards this piece, but I have to admit - I did feel kinda cool in it.

Everlane has done a really cool updated styling of the trench in the form of their Swing Trench, which I am absolutely obsessed with. I love that it’s a shorter crop and its A-line shape… it might have to be my next outerwear purchase.

cancer + soft hands

(via On The Street….. Via Mozzart, Milan « The Sartorialist)

Perfect that I see this on The Sartorialist after mentioning my love for layering denim jackets.

whattup. it’s been a while, and i could pull every excuse known to mankind out of my butt, but whatever: i’ve been busy. i’m a full time student, i work, i’m trying to figure out my shit so i can graduate at least in the same year as i was originally meant to, and i’m lazy as fuck. but my life has been weird as shit for the past few months (or like, all of 2014) and i realized that yo, this blog is probably a good escape for that shit. so here’s a photoset updating you on some outfits/hair changes/general.

1 & 2 - During the colder months I was super into layering my denim jacket. I’m the kind of person that gets overheated easily but obviously I still get cold cos I’m a human being so I prefer to layer lighter jackets rather than wearing one giant coat. I liked the mixing of textures and the layering of collared clothing (the first picture is a triple collar threat, I was proud).

3 - Went to New Orleans for my final spring break, had a blast, became the next Supreme in front of the American Horror Story house in my sweet hat that I unfortunately haven’t found much reason to wear since that trip. Guess I feel a little weird breaking that out just to go to class.

4 - I bought this shirt from Zara in late 2012 on a whim. The arm cut outs are kind of weird but kind of chic, no? I wore it with black high waisted denim and my Doc Marten Shoreditch boots and felt pretty badass.

5, 6, & 7 - I gave in to crop tops. I am not the most confident person in the world but as long as I pair the top with something high waisted I feel pretty comfortable in them. I also own only one skirt, and that is it in both pictures. The first one is from the DC Beer Fest - I’m obsessed with that top cos of the mesh sections of the sleeves. The second was before going out to a house (cough, fraternity, cough, the worst) party - the theme was “nautical,” I don’t think I particularly hit that note but I like the accented necklace against the otherwise plain outfit. In the 7th picture I just wanted to document my transformation into the Asian version of Debbie Thornberry.

8 - New ways of getting my hair done - purposefully darker roots. The filter on the picture makes it a little darker than it actually was (picture 6 is a good example), but goddamn I love the way the silver roots look.

9 - How I accessorize my Acne clutch. Airplane bottles, cash, and Newports.

10 - Finally, my brand spankin new tattoo, as of right now it’s a week old. The quote is “I don’t sleep on a bed of bones.” In context it basically means fuck you, I’ll do whatever I want to do, and ya know, I agree.

The first photo is titled “First day of the semester while it’s 5 degrees with windchill in the negatives,” the second is my current bag-carrying situation.

I’m always torn whether or not I want to use a backpack or my purse. I don’t dislike either option, I have a wonderful little Fjallraven Kanken (in the Black/Ox Red) but I do hate having to stick all my contents of my purse into my backpack and then switch it again for work/weekend. Since my classes don’t require bringing textbooks I don’t have to worry about lugging anything to heavy with me around campus; I only carry my handy Five Star 5 Subject notebook, my planner (discussed here), and my iPad, which is in this amazing case.

The ClamCase Pro was introduced to me by my brother, a total tech freak. While it does make my iPad significantly heavier, it is incredibly sturdy — no worrying about that baby falling out, as it snaps into the back — and I  absolutely love the keyboard which is exactly like a MacBook Pro keyboard. It also rotates 360 degrees, so I can prop it up while watching Netflix (or just not using the keyboard) or keep it flat when playing sudoku. It fits perfectly in my bag and on the occasion where I choose to type notes instead of handwrite them, it will be super useful.

So this is my basic entourage when hauling ass to my classes. I’m still debating whether or not I prefer the backpack look — it does free up my hands a lot and I do adore my Fjallraven — but we’ll see how this works out for now.

Inside Llewyn Davis [The Coen Brothers, 2013] 

Incredible film, incredibly soundtrack. Who knew Oscar Isaac had such an amazing voice?

Item ProfileZara Boots

These are my Trusty Boots. They are what I reach for whenever I’m running out the door or when I need to round off any outfit. I’ve worn them through winter, spring, summer, fall and winter again. They trekked me all throughout London while I was living there (Trusty Boots’ original home, purchased from the Oxford Circus Zara), through Paris, Seattle, New York City, my hometown, and my current city of residence, to name a few. They’ve been on my feet for 24 hours at a time. They’ve been splattered with mud, alcohol, vomit, and probably blood, and they still grace my feet at least 5 days out of the week.

I haven’t loved a pair of shoes as much as these ever since I was in high school and still rocking checkered slip-on Vans (which, coincidentally, I am looking to repurchase). I remember stalking the Zara site one day in my West London flat (the only time I’ll ever be living in an area so posh) and saving the pictures of these and a pair of gorgeous, shiny, tan Chelsea boots. I was leaning towards the Chelsea boots until I walked into the second floor of Zara and saw these babies. I ran over to the shelf that housed them and immediately asked for my size. Once they were on my feet it was love at first site. The calf leather was unbelievably comfortable, the slight heel didn’t hurt (I have issues with my feet), and best of all they were actual lace ups, not the fake lace-up boots with zippers on the inside.

The leather was so clean and beautiful when I first bought them. Overtime it just molded perfectly to my feet and now it is aging incredibly, with scuffs and worn-in lines. The clack loudly when I walk, as if announcing my very important presence to those around me. I can wear them untied if I’m in a rush and I won’t slip out. I probably trust these boots more than some people in my life.

I purchased my boots for £70, and unfortunately they are no longer available. However I’ve had my eye on these Zara Brogue Leather Ankle Boots which are currently on sale for $80. The colour is almost identical to my Trusty Boots which means these babies will probably age just as beautifully. It will be a sad, sad day when the Trusty Boots fall apart, but the quality is so amazing I don’t see that happening for a while. Anyone know a good shoe repairman I can keep on retainer for when the time strikes?

PS - I realize the above picture is a little dark, so here is an over-instagrammed picture of them where you can see the details (and wear) a little better.